28 Pendant Lamp

Pre-order Lead Time: 6 - 8 weeks


28 results from an innovative fabrication process that manipulates both the temperature and the direction of air flow into blown glass. The result is a slightly distorted sphere with an interior landscape of satellite shapes, including an opaque milk glass diffuser that houses either a low-voltage xenon or LED lamp.

Made in Vancouver
blown glass, braided metal coaxial cable, electrical components
brushed nickel canopy (28.1, 28.1m, 28.3, 28.3 cluster, 28.5)
white: powder coated canopy (28.1, 28.3, 28.3 cluster, 28.5)
white polyurethane canopy (28.1mi/mo)

Lamp: Dia.165mm
28.1: shallow brushed nickel/ white powder coated canopy Dia.116 x D7mm
28.1 deep: deep brushed nickel/ white ;powder coated canopy Dia.116 x D40mm
28.3: brushed nickel/ white powder coated canopy Dia.152 x D32mm
28.3 cluster: brushed nickel/white powder coated canopy Dia.152 x D32mm
28.5: brushed nickel/white powder coated canopy Dia.203 x D32mm

28.1m: mini
brushed nickel canopy Dia.30 x D11mm
28.1mi: mini innie white polyurethane canopy (mud-in). Dia.35-88 x D35mm
28.1mo: mini outie white polyurethane canopy Dia.38 x D16mm

1.5w LED, 2500k (+-200k)
1.8w LED, 2600k
20w Xenon, 2600k

Media Feature @美紙 Art And Piece Issue 6

COAX: adjustable. 3000mm

1.5w LED or 20w xenon

**28m/mi/mo require power supplies to be remote mounted.
*Please contact Establo for colour pendants and extra coax lengths.