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延續28的荒誕騎呢,再次提升玻璃製造的技術及挑戰物料的界限; 先吹製大透明玻璃球體,再隨意嵌入多個白色的空。燃燒並冷卻載體讓空氣隨意注入再抽起,有意地讓物質交織碰撞,形成數個足以承載厚葉植物或仙人掌成長的載具,及儲存燈膽組件的收納。每件38 有2 - 3個燈膽組件在底部,和1 - 2個透光的白色洞穴。銅絲管自然環繞玻璃載體,不受重力影響根據自身意願皺起或結成一團,亦可隨重力垂下,彷彿有助白色的盆栽從大球體玻璃沿著接通的電路逃脫。

38 pushes the fabrication technique originally developed for 28 to its technical and material limits. A large glass sphere is blown with a multitude of haphazard interior cavities, which intersect and collide with each other in unpredictable ways.

38 is a surrealistically motivated re-exploration of a technique of making originally developed for a previous project called 28 whereby air is pushed in and out of glass that is intermittently heated and cooled. In the case of this project, the technique is stretched to the limits of possibility. Large glass spheres are blown, and then a multitude of white cavities are introduced into them haphazardly, intentionally intersecting and colliding with each other. Several of these are deep enough to contain earth with succulent and cacti plantings. Others are used as housings for lighting elements.

There are two or three lighting elements per large sphere and one or two planters. Electricity and suspension are achieved using stiff copper tubing, which is allowed to tangle and crinkle, seemingly without regard for gravity. Once in a while these copper tubes loop around satellite white planters, appearing to have escaped from the confines of the large lit clear glass spheres.

Made in Vancouver
blown glass, black flexible cord with brass base and dial control

Lamp: Dia.190 - 210mm
Cable Length: 2290mm
Base: Dia.75mm

1.8w LED, 2600k
Voltage 230V

**The brass base and dial control are untreated and, as such, will develop a natural patina over time.