57 Table Lamp


Pre-order Lead Time: 6 - 8 weeks

科幻電影中銀河的星雲氣體及具侵略意味的細胞生長,還是動畫傳說中住在森林深處奶白發亮的樹妖;57 停止的恍惚不是時間,而是一個自帶生命正在生長的宇宙。參考閉孔泡沫的原理形成獨立的空氣球體再讓氣泡各自伸展至極限,駕馭溫度及控制玻璃的延展性形成積雨雲的形態,可算是突破一般人對玻璃製作的想像界限。

先將熔液倒入長形模具,一邊往玻璃最熱的部分吹入空氣,在最少阻力下將管道另一頂端拉扯壓成迷你空氣球體,再一個個切割熔合至另外吹製的燈具主體。在他們往側面擴散變形前,整個放進已融化的液態玻璃,然後轉動去除多餘的玻璃,最後疊熔至平滑,冷卻成包覆不同形體的奇幻器物。 亮起器物時透出宇宙內的氣泡星球,關燈時卻會在或深或淺的鏡面/深不見底的灰黑/白皚皚的霧裡消失不見。

57 results from a fabrication process whereby air voids of different sizes and configurations are composed within a larger mass of dark grey or white opaline glass. These air pockets are invisible when the piece is unlit, and come alive to reveal an interior universe when 57 is illuminated. By virtue of the method of making, each 57 is completely unique.

Made in Vancouver
dipped glass, black flexible cord with brass base and dial control

Lamp: Dia.100 -165mm
Cable Length: 2290mm
Base: Dia.75mm

1.5w LED, 2500k
Voltage: 230V

**The brass base and dial control are untreated and, as such, will develop a natural patina over time.

**Due to the thick, dark grey glass, the 57t provides ambient light output only