84 Pendant Lamp

Pre-order Lead Time: 6 - 8 weeks



A white glass moil is captured inside a fine copper mesh basket and then plunged into hot clear glass. Air is blown into the matrix to gently push the white glass through the mesh, creating a delicate pillowed form that is suspended inside the thick outer layer of clear glass. Sometimes the copper mesh basket folds and crinkles, adding specificity to each piece. Undulations in the exterior shape are a natural consequence of the fabrication process and accentuate the gentle white pillowing below. A low-voltage xenon or LED light source is introduced into the piece, casting a warm coppery hue.

Made in Vancouver
blown glass, copper mesh, braided metal coaxial cable, electrical components
white powder coated canopy (84.1, 84.1m, 84.3, 84.5)
white polyurethane canopy (84.1mi/mo)

Lamp: Dia.120mm
84.1: shallow white powder coated canopy Dia.116 x D7mm
84.1 deep: deep white powder coated canopy Dia.116 x D40mm
84.3: white powder coated canopy Dia.152 x D32mm
84.5: white powder coated canopy Dia.152 x D32mm
84.1m: mini brushed nickel canopy Dia.30 x D11mm
84.1mi: mini innie white polyurethane canopy (mud-in). Dia.35 - 88 x D35mm
84.1mo: mini outie white polyurethane canopy Dia.38 x D16mm
COAX: adjustable. 3000mm

1.5w LED (2500K or 3500K) / 10w xenon (2600K)

**84.1m/mi/mo require power supplies to be remote mounted.
*Please contact Establo for extra coax lengths.