Backstitch Rug


Pre-Order Lead Time: 16 - 18 weeks
Designed by Raw- Edges 

Learning about embroidery – GAN’s incredible craft and strength – Raw-Edges found themselves drawn to the aesthetics on its reverse side. The ‘back stitch’ has an unintentional hidden beauty to it, that one might so easily miss. BACKSTITCH turns traditional embroidery (literally!) upside-down and vindicates, in a delicate and elegant way, what is often hidden.

Their aim was to understand the language of this ‘random’ backstitch and develop it into their rug collection. Focusing on colour combinations, the rhythm of patterns, the thickness of the yarns, tactility and craftsmanship, they also emphasise handmade work over work on the loom and the handmade embroideries.

Fibre Composition: 100% wool
Total approx. weight: 1.5kg
Total approx. high: 7mm
Manufacturing techniques: Kilim + Embroidery

Calm: 170 x 240cm (7kg)/ 200 x 300cm (10.75kg)
Busy: 170 x 240cm (6.5kg)/ 200 x 300cm (10.14kg)
Calm: 170 x 240cm (6.75kg)/ 200 x 300cm (10.55kg)

*The use of anti-slipping pads is recommended.
Contact us for other sizes/ images reference. Please noted that prices of Gan, Gandia Blasco, Diabla are ex-warehouse Spain, which means shipping and delivery fees are excluded and to be quoted separately.