Bollard Oil Lamp

Pre-Order Lead Time: 14 - 16 weeks
Designed by Designit

Light up the dark nights with the portable Bollard oil lamp. The Fresnel glass scatters the light beautifully and is easy to take out and clean. Simply click the brace down and pull off the metal lid, which protects the flame against wind and water. The Bollard Oil Lamp uses disposable oil capsules.
1 oil replacement is included.

Teak / Glass / Stainless Steel
Made in Thailand
Wood Origin - Trinidad

- Glass: The glass is dishwasher-safe, but if really dirty with soot we recommend to clean it by using hot water, ordinary dish soap and a brush.
- Teak: For regular cleaning use a suitable cleaning agent for wood.
- Stainless Steel: Use soapy water and wipe with a dry cloth.

- Glass: To maintain the visual and aesthetic clarity, wipe the glass using a soft cloth and standard glass polish.
- Teak: As the wood is untreated the surface will change colour over time and eventually turn into a beautiful silvery grey. To maintain untreated wood, it is a good idea to use sandpaper (grit 120-150) once or twice a year.
- Stainless Steel: Minor scratches and oxide stains can easily be removed with a non-abrasive scouring pad. Care products for stainless steel such as Gleerustol can also be used. If used on kitchen utilities, always remember to wash it thoroughly after.

- Stainless Steel: When using special care products you should avoid all contact with wood in order not to damaging the surface. Do not use any kind of products containing chlorine as this will damage the surface and make it vulnerable to corrosion.

Winter storage
- Glass: If used outdoors it is advisable to store the glass in an unheated room such as a garage or cellar. This will protect the glass from breaking.

Ø12.5 x H24.5cm