Brilliant Box Small, Dark Green

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Brilliant is a range of small glass boxes with coated lids inspired by gems and precious stones. A patterned bottom part creates a camouflage effect while the transparent lid lets you get a peek of what is inside. The Brilliant Boxes are designed to keep your valuable belongings safe, but can easily be used to store anything from jewelry to keys, coins, cotton balls, and even the kids' milk teeth. Or treat yourself and your friends to some candy using Brilliant as a decorative bonbonniere. The durable and easily maintainable glass construction means that Brilliant can be used in any room in the home for any type of storage or serving you can think of. When Brilliant is not in use, place in the windowsill where it makes a decorative addition.


H: 6 x L: 8.6 x D: 8.6 cm

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