Catania Umbrella


Pre-order Lead Time: 14 - 16 weeks
Designed by Skagerak

Shield off the sun nicely with a Catania umbrella. Built from long-lasting materials and with a classic design, Catania will keep you cool during hot summer days for many years to come.

Catania umbrella foot is robust and safe for our smaller umbrellas with its weight of 30 kilos. The conoid shape enables rain to drain off naturally and makes Catania a functional choice for all kinds of weather.

Umbrella - Made in China
FSC 100% Wood Origin - Indonesia
Meranti, Fabric
Umbrella Foot: Concrete, Stainless Steel
Made in Thailand

Why/ This all-weather parasol fabric is made from 100% spun polyester; polyester fibers spun into yarns. Spun polyester does not wrinkle nor shrink and is a colour-fast material resistant to stains.

If the fabric becomes dirty, try to remove the dirt with a brush or damp cloth.

Winter storage/ It is advisable to store the parasol in an unheated room such as a garage or cellar. To avoid marks and stains it is important to ensure that the parasol is completely dry before storing.

Note/ Be aware that the fabric is not waterproof.

Origin/ Kapur is commonly found in Southeast Asia. The Skagerak Kapur comes from Indonesia and is FSC 100% certified.

Why/ Kapur is a strong, durable type of wood – making it the perfect choice for parasol poles.

Cleaning/ Use soapy water and wipe with a dry cloth or use suitable furniture cleaner for outdoor use.

Maintenance/ The parasol pole has been lacquered. The wood comes in a variety of warm colors and patinates very little as time goes by because of the treated surface. It is important that the parasol is fitted with a stabile stand in an umbrella foot to prevent damages on the pole. Always make sure the chosen size of parasol is compatible with the strength and weight of the umbrella foot. All Skagerak umbrellas larger than size Ø270, including size 270x270, require an umbrella foot of minimum 50 kg.

Note: Regarding item number S1910130 Catania Umbrella Ø270: Remember to retighten the metal joint on the parasol pole from time to time; making sure the two parts are not loosening up as this will damage the brackets and increase the risk of tilting.

Winter storage/ During the winter it is advisable to store the parasol in an unheated room such as a garage or cellar. However it is possible to leave the parasol outside all year round if using a cover.

Why/ Stainless steel is a light and long-lasting material with superb strength and is easy to maintain. This makes it a perfect material for outdoor furniture as it can withstand all kinds of weather.

Cleaning/ Use soapy water and wipe with a dry cloth.

Maintenance/ Polish such as Gleerustol metal polish will remove tarnish which may occur with prolonged outdoor use. The varnish will also provide future protection.

Caution/ When using care products for steel, be careful to avoid all contact with wood as this may damage the surface. Do not use products containing chlorine as this will also damage the surface and make it vulnerable to corrosion.

Winter storage/ The product is resistant to all types of weather, all year round. However, if possible, we recommend storing the furniture in an unheated room during the winter months.

Why/ Concrete is highly weather resistant, which makes it a good choice for outdoor use.

Cleaning and maintenance/ This product requires a minimum of care. Clean it with soapy water and a stiff brush when necessary. Do not use a high-pressure washer as this can damage the surface and make it more receptive to dirt.

Winter storage/ During winter it is advisable to store the product in an unheated room such as a garage or cellar. This will minimize the risk of cracks and the like.

Catania Umbrella Dia. 270, Pole Dia. 3.8 cm, Dia. 270 x H250cm
Capri Umbrella Foot 30kg, Pole max Dia. 4cm, Dia. 50 x H39cm