Chicago Sideboard, Wooden Doors


Pre-Order Lead Time: 14 - 16 weeks
Designed by Norm Architects, 2020

靠牆置放/ 半腰屏風 的建築模型

Norm Architects用他們擅長的鋼鐵支撐及對稱結構,懸空頂層減輕三款物料的視覺重量,同時穩固抵受雲石板及木製櫃體的重量。物料間的紋理橫豎前後一致,有著煙熏色玻璃或木面的下拉式櫃門,可當作通透的半腰屏風劃分工作/用餐/休閒區域。更可內嵌感應式LED燈條,來辨認收藏在內裡的深色物品。

Inspired by the modernist architecture and the unobstructed repetitive building techniques known from the mid century, the Chicago cabinet collection stands as a tribute to this particular architectural period. With its light and floating appearance the sideboard almost appears as a piece of modern architecture itself.

The elevated solid steel construction gives stability and structure while the floating wooden cabinet adds the spacial impression. The table top functioning as a floating roof with its extended eaves completes the minimalistic framework combining three simple natural materials, wood, steel and stone

Optional internal LED Light.

simple natural materials, wood, steel and stone

CHC421 (shorter legs): W230 x D52 x H59cm
CHC420 (longer legs): W230 x D52 x H75cm

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Optional: Internal LED Light Demonstration