Gubi 2.0 Dining table & Beetle chairs (Set)

by Gubi
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A combo sale of  Gubi 2.0 Dining table & Beetle chairs. 

- Gubi 2.0 Dining table (Black/White/Green Marble Top)1pc
- Beetle Dining Chair (Plastic Shell) x 4pcs


1. The GUBI 2.0 Table;
The GUBI 2.0 table is made of the finest materials contributing to its unique and exclusive identity. With its circular or elliptical shape, the table celebrates the authentic way of bringing people together and enables an intimate interaction whether it is for dinners, meetings or relaxed socialization.

For the GUBI 2.0 Table, the GUBI Design Team has proceeded from the circle's characteristics and the idea of where the circle meets circle. It is constructed with either one or two circular bases standing on a circular plate and finishes with a rounded tabletop. With its clean lines and simple details, yet sturdy and exclusive materials, this table collection brings forward fresh and different opportunities for use and styling in combination with the entire GUBI collection of modern contemporary classics.

Top: Black Marquina Marble / White Carrara Marbel
Column/Leg - black powder-coated steel tube
Base - 10 mm steel plate

Dia. 110 x H74.5 cm

2. Beetle Dining Chair; 
The Beetle Chair is not only an upholstered chair but also available with a polypropylene plastic shell, giving it a lighter expression with notable durability. The chair's subtle matte texture offers a soft tactility where its outstanding sitting comfort is obtained. Thanks to the wide spectrum of color and base options, the un-upholstered Beetle is an ideal solution for both formal and informal spaces alike to create a personal expression.

The inspiration of the Beetle Chair was found in the insect world as GamFratesi has been looking closely at the anatomy, aesthetics and movement of a beetle. The design of the chair reinterprets the characteristic elements of the beetles sections: shape, shells, sutures, rigid outside and soft inside.

Laminated molded veneer, Plastic shell, Conic base

W56 x D58 x H43.5/87 cm

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