Echasse Hurricane

Pre-Order Lead Time: 14 - 16 weeks
Designed by Theresa Rand

設計師 Theresa Rand 由實驗室試管取得靈感,設計出由 Menu 出品的 Echasse Vase。水滴形的花瓶有著獨特的漸變色彩,與底座的硬朗線條形成對比,不論放置在書桌或客廳中均異常優雅;而其幾何平衡及物料運用更令產品獲得 2018 年 Wallpaper* Design Award 的肯定。

The echasse Hurricane completes the poetic trilogy of enchanting forms. The most recent addition to the family, the clever, orbital shape was designed as a sanctuary for tealight candles, preventing breezes from extinguishing these captivating, round drops of light. In this role, the echasse Hurricane becomes the ultimate amplification of hygge. By virtue of its inventive shape, the design invites us to explore, imagine and curate our own unique display piece for the way we live.

Solid brass, glass

Dia 14.8 x H8.5 cm