Fun 2Dm Pendent Lamp

by Verpan
Order Lead Time: From 15 to 18 weeks

The Fun 2Dm pendant lamp is part of Verber Panton's Mother of Pearl (m.o.p.) collection. Pendant lamp with seashell discs on a two, three or four ring metal frame. Mounted with a chrome ceiling canopy. Verner Panton would use the world around him for inspiration. Combine materials that would express a great experience in the small details. 

Fun (m.o.p.) is the best example of the greatness of detail. Of nature's own solution combined with the creativity of designs and requirements for functionality. The result is a lamp where you can feel and hear the world light. Fun (m.o.p.) was created to be seen and heard. It deserves much more than a corner and a remote spot in your room. Use it as a prominent and inspiring part of your interior design.

Mother of Pearl disc, ring metal frame

Dia. 27 x H43 cm

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