Garden Layers Rug

by Gan

Order Lead Time: From 15 to 18 weeks

There are artists who know no boundaries and there are journeys that change everything. Patricia Urquiola travelled to India, where she was captivated by the delicacy and harmony of Mughal architecture she found there. Gardens, terraces and miniatures ignited her restless imagination, inspiring a new collection which, from the very first moment, she intended for gardens and outdoor spaces.

The Oriental influence in Garden Layers is obvious in the way it invites you to lie back, relax and be comfortable on its rugs and mats, among roll pillows and sumptuous cushions. It is also evident in its fringes, its beautiful finishes and in the geometry of its motifs.

Fibre composition: 100% polypropylene

90 x 200 cm
180 x 240 cm
200 x 300 cm

The products in this collection may vary slightly in size due to the manufacturing process.

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