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深紅泥土色的GENBU作為可疊加的小碟子,上手有些微粗糙,亦帶有看似是直火窯變的表層。起初碰到GENBU誤以為是南蠻燒,一種起源於16 - 17世紀多半沒有釉藥直接送到窯裡直燒的瓦土,但GENBU來得光滑許多。仔細留意會隱約見到燒製後白色的陶土 (釉藥的空隙實在有點像菠蘿包的表層),將其翻轉便會發現底部保留一圈陶土的原貌。出門逛店總會碰到各式各樣不張揚的小碟子,不經意便入手數款豆皿,盛裝調味料或小品擺放在主菜旁,或是放在房間疊起數層展示飾物也剛好。

Small high rim bowl has an earthy, coarse texture that is both rough and refined with rustic burgundy glaze and gold details. A modular design made easy to stack for storage or display, perfect for entrée size dishes, deserts or even for condiments and sauces to share.

Handcrafted in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. With a nod to contemporary and Scandinavian influence, form and function manifest in the purest expression at the hands of a master artisan. Each piece has been handcrafted with painstaking attention to detail and profound respect for techniques and traditions passed down. Timeless natural details are made to compliment as a great canvas for beautiful ingredients and cooking. It is our common interest of wanting to create something beautiful, unique and aesthetically pleasing that makes our story a little special.

 可用洗碗機 Dishwasher safe
× 微波爐/焗爐/直火禁止 No microwave/ oven/ firing

Dia. 10.3 x H4.9cm