Gin Sofa - 2 Seater


Order Lead Time: From 15 to 18 weeks
Designed by Terence Woodgate

Gin is a collection of modular sitting units with or without backs for resting comfortably. With its variants available, the Gin can be used in group as sofa, or as lounge chair singly to fit at home.

Gin 是一系列的組合座位,可獨立作休閒椅使用,亦可組合而成一張多座位的梳化。Gin 的多變、自由,使它能活用於家中客廳。

Pinewood structure
IPEA elastic strap with 3 blue lines
Flameproof foam according to BS regulation (33 kg and 40 kg)
150 gr padding
Flame-retardant black foaming
IPEA black plastic legs, 2 cm high

GIN300(with 2 cm Legs): W148 x D95 x H71 cm
GIN350(with 10 cm Legs): W148 x D95 x H81 cm