Gin Sofa

by Punt

Order Lead Time: From 15 to 18 weeks

A collection of sitting units with or without backs for resting both in facilities and at home. Anchorage fittings are included for composition.

Pinewood structure
IPEA elastic strap with 3 blue lines
Flameproof foam according to BS regulation (33 kg and 40 kg)
150 gr padding
Flame-retardant black foaming
IPEA black plastic legs, 2 cm high

Unit with back GIN100: L71 x D95 x H71 cm
Unit without back (Modular) GIN201: L91.5 x D95 x H35 cm
Unit without back (Corner) GIN202: L91.5 x D95 x H35 cm
Armrest GIN011/GIN012/GIN021/GIN022: L67.8 x D2 x H29 cm

Configuration A: 1 unit with back, with no table or armrest, seat and back in Remix 223
Configuration B: 1 unit with back, with 2 armrests (Armrests' frame: bronze anodised aluminium, finish: dark stained walnut), seat and back in Valencia Weiss 8032
Configuration C: 5 units with back, and 1 corner unit, with 1 table and armrest (Armrest's frame: bronze anodised aluminium, finish: super-matt walnut), seat and back in Field 172

*Photos are for reference only. Colours may vary.
*Please contact Establo's advisor for more variants or other upholstery versions.

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