GUBI 2.0 Coffee Table - Round


Pre-order lead time: 14 - 16 weeks
Designed by Gubi, 2014

The GUBI 2.0 Coffee Table by GUBI is made of the finest materials contributing to its unique and exclusive identity. Proceeded from the circle's characteristics and the idea of where circle meets circle. It is constructed with one circular base standing on a circular plate and finishes with a rounded table top.

With its circular shape, the table celebrates the authentic way of bringing people together and enables an intimate interaction whether it is for meetings or relaxed socialisation.

Also available as lounge table, dining table in round & elliptical shape.

Top - lacquered wood, marble, glass with brass edge
Column/Leg - black, brass, antique brass

Table Top varies from Dia. 110, Dia. 125, Dia. 130, Dia. 150cm
Table Height & Thickness varies from Marble 41.5, Wood 42, Glass 44cm based on table top material
Dimension of Column/leg (cm): Dia. 17
Thickness of Table top (cm): Wood: 2.2, Marble: 2, Glass: 4

Preview materials here and reach us for material samples.