Pre-Order Lead Time: 14 - 16 weeks
Designed by Rudi Wulff, 2018

Northern的設計總監 - Rudi Wulff是一名唱片騎師,Hifive是自行搭配的開放式及捲簾式的櫃門,配有電線位本為收納多媒體播放器、黑膠唱片及音響而設。櫃身的橡木由淺、煙燻至深黑色,可作上牆或落地的床邊櫃、電視櫃或客廳房間置物櫃,烘托出空間的祥和及安穩。

This swanky shelving and storage system is as cool as they come; it greets everyone with a hi-five. The system is comprised of streamlined modular components: an open unit, a cabinet with a scrolling door, a sleek metal base and a wooden top that unites the units with a single surface. If no base is required, the units can be mounted directly to the wall. The cabinet is designed to hold equipment such as receivers, amps and multimedia players. Its scrolling door closes to conceal the contents, hiding the electronics behind a flexible wooden screen. The open unit is sized to accommodate old-school vinyl LPs but can store music and television media too.

Cabinet boxes and top board: Oak veneer
Legs: Steel
Made in Latvia

75 Wall: W75 x D42 x H38 cm
100 Wall: W100 x D42 x H38 cm
150 Wall: W150 x D42 x H38 cm
200 Wall: W200 x D42 x H38 cm
75 Floor: W75 x D42 x H65 cm
100 Floor: W100 x D42 x H65 cm
150 Floor: W150 x D42 x H65 cm
200 Floor: W200 x D42 x H65 cm

Reach us for other configurations.