Ice Chandelier


Order Lead Time: From 15 to 18 weeks

Ice chandelier has a simple, timeless look but creates an extraordinary mood in the room at the same time. The inspiration behind Sofie Refer's award-winning Ice Chandelier harks back to the dazzling glass and crystal chandeliers of the past. A cluster of scintillating bulbous pendants, it preserves the lavish appeal of that archetypal luminaire. Yet, Ice Chandelier's asymmetrical configuration and simple, unembellished glass globes bring its aesthetic right up to date.

The chandelier consists of a circular canopy from which nine pendants hang. The halogen light sources emit a soft, ambient light. They are encased by hand-blown glass globes, each of which is unique in its character; evidence of the craftsman's intervention in the manufacturing process.

Mouth-blown glass and anodised aluminium with clear PVC cord

Dia. 38 x H180 cm

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