In Between SK4 Dining Table


Order Lead Time: From 15 to 18 weeks

The In Between chair was the first chair to be added to the &tradition stable of furniture and Kallio has reinterpreted certain aspects of the chair in the creation of the table. The curvature of the circular table is for example reminiscent of the negative space in the form of the chair's back rest. Similarly the angles of the legs of the table reflect the angles of the chair legs.

The table legs were created using woodturning, a traditional technique that uses a lathe to shape wood. The solid oak used is a sturdy, reliable wood that is steeped in Scandinavian heritage. Although some of the manufacturing processes are traditional, the shape of the table has been chosen to address issues within modern interiors. Its round shape means it must be brought away from walls, therefore taking an active role in any room. The circular form of the table also means that interaction when sat at the table is a more intimate and egalitarian affair.

Solid oak

Dia. 120 x H73 cm

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