Literatura Open LOP420

by Punt

Order Lead Time: From 15 to 18 weeks
Designed by Vicent Martínez

20世紀當代經典 - La Literatura系列獨特的”轆轆櫃“收納空間之大,可存放過千本書,2014年推出新系列 - Literatura OPEN;櫃身頂/底部和轆轆櫃部分保留全木,主要支架則轉為金屬,輕巧透明更易於劃分空間,且融合各種建築及室內設計風格。


The 20 century’s contemporary classic - La Literatura - The distinctive bookcases on casters have been used for storing thousands of books and came with the new OPEN series in 2014. Top, bottom of the shelves and castor bookcases remained in wood. Main construction in metal is even lighter and transparent, easily integrated into all kinds of architecture and interior design works as room partitions.

*The series included bookcase, shelving, shorter sideboard, TV shelving by adding several back and side panels. Most of the popular presets in smaller sizes are now available for pre-order online, contact us if other sizes/ versions with special requirements (in sizes, combinations, colours) are preferred.


Composition LOP420:
Frame and Shelf: Black RAL9005
Front unit on wheels, top shelf & base panel: Siena grey stained oak

Crosspieces on front unit LOC100: Texturized lacquer in mustard and black
Storage Modules LOB201 & LOB210: Siena grey stained oak

Composition LOP420: L179 x D57 x H189.5 cm

Including: Storage Module LOB201 (L87 x D35.2 x H34.7 cm), Storage Module LOB210 (L87 x D35.2 x H34.7 cm), Crosspieces LOC100 (L42.7 x D19.1 x H35.6 cm)

*Photos are for reference only. Colours may vary.
*Please contact Establo's advisor for other modules or more details.

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