Loom Slim Bookcase

Pre-Order Lead Time: 14 - 16 weeks
Designed by Peter J. Lassen

LOOM is a slim bookshelf that provides you with a range of different options to store books and other items in the living room or home office. LOOM has many different storage rooms of various sizes that provide a perfect solution for displaying items in a sophisticated way. LOOM's slim design makes it possible to fit both smaller and larger rooms.

12 mm lacquered MDF

2 x #1141 - H69.6 x W46.8 x D30cm, shelf #12X and shelf #5X or shelf #3X
1 x #1141 - H69.5 x W46.8 x D30cm, shelf #8X and 2 shelf #6X or shelf #5X

Wall Suspension rails OP12 – thickness 12 mm for units in all sizes. Allows cabling behind the unit. Suspension rail OP12 has fittings in the wall bracket to allow horizontal adjustment of the unit. The suspension rail also comes with adjustable spacer knobs which allow adjustment to the wall. Suspension rail for height *2, *3 and *4 modules are supplied with reinforced metal brackets.

Plinth - H3cm/ H7cm. A plinth is fitted with 4 adjusting screws, so it can be levelled before the units are placed on top. The ends of a plinth have pre-drilled holes on the inside of the plinth to make it easy to drill right through the plinth when connecting in series and stabilising sideways. Installation of plinths under modules with a depth of 20 cm with doors is at the customer's own risk.