Pre-Order Lead Time: 14 - 16 weeks
Designed by Farg and Blanche, 2018

Loud 圓角橡木推車:打開鏡鋁面櫃門,一眼望透數個高身玻璃杯、一套調酒用具、數瓶酒水糖漿。
With a name like Loud, you'd expect this elegant cabinet to scream for attention, but it barely even whispers. Loud is a cool bystander, waiting to be noticed. Although stylish and suave, Loud is an expression of simplicity that takes minimalism to a higher level. The cabinet is designed without embellishments and crafted with smooth contours.

Legs, shelves and top: Smoked solid oak
Cabinet: Smoked oak veneer
Outside: Mirror laminate
Wheels: Steel with rubber

W66 x D39 x H99 cm, Cabinet Box Height 52 cm