Nucleo Dining Table - Round/ Square/ Oval


Pre-Order Lead Time: 14 - 16 weeks
Designed by Víctor Carrasco, 2012

Nucleo檯中間有一小塊金屬作為”核”心,點綴之餘與檯底的金屬面相呼應;是工作/社交用的檯;檯面材質除了一向都有的7種木面外,亦新加入了幼細白紋的Black Marquina/藍灰色紋理較密的White Carrara,是兩款較常使用於雕塑/建築/酒店的地中海大理石,而檯邊會較其他木面金屬底的圓滑筆直。

A collection of casual restaurant tables, whose uniqueness lays in the “nucleus” displaying the colour of the structure in its tabletop.

· E1 (low formaldehyde content) MDF fibreboard with natural oak or walnut wood veneer.
· Exposed bevelled edges with natural or stained MDF finish.
· Legs of powder-coated steel.
· Anti-slip rubber tips.
· Marble table top with straight edges and smoothed angles.

Round NCL201 - L80 x D83.6 x H72.7cm for 2 - 4 persons
Square NCL203 - L80 x D80 x H72.7cm for 2 - 4 persons
Oval NCL202 - L110 x D90 x H72.7cm for 4 - 5 persons
Oval NCL104 - L114.7 x D120 x H72.7cm for 4 - 5 persons

Reach us for exact composition and material samples.