Oaki Dining Chair

Pre-Order Lead Time: 14 - 16 weeks
Designed by Stine Aas, 2018

Nordic know-how meets the art of Japanese joinery in the expressive Oaki chair. The chair was inspired by the simplicity and artistry that characterises traditional Japanese wood craftsmanship. The designer set out to conceal the chair's joins, giving Oaki a refined, uniquely weightless character that looks seamless in appearance. Each leg rises from the floor to the full height of the chair, cradling the backrest between all four. The rear legs are angled backwards from the seat, meeting the floor behind the chair rather than underneath it. The position of the legs makes the chair come alive as they appear to step backwards.

Body: Solid oak
Seat and backrest: Laminated oak veneer
Optional Seat Padding: Leather (Ultra from Sørensen)
Colour Seat Padding: Light/ Smoke Oak Seat with Dark Brown Padding, Black Seat with Black padding
Seat - Made in Lithuania
Seat Padding - Made in Latvia

W56 x D53 x H75cm, Seat Height 46cm