Pacific Chair


Order Lead Time: From 15 to 18 weeks

Development of the Pacifi c Chair followed the guiding principle ‚full performance, quiet design‘ and achieved a harmonious combination of these two characteristics. The individual, high-quality components have a consistent design language, lending the Pacifi c Chair expressive clarity and precision. Its appearance is strongly defi ned by the backrest, which extends so far down that no mechanical components are visible from behind, with the exception of the base. With its linear silhouette and understated design, the chair is an ideal addition to any contemporary interior.

Office swivel chair in accordance with EN 1335; height-adjustable or 3D armrests with Ergonomic Seal of Approval.

W66.5-71.5 x D56.5-82 x SH40-52/H97-116 cm

*Please contact Establo's advisor for other upholstery versions.

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