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[Photobook Giveaway] Vitra: Everything Is Connected

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Vitra’s Everything is Connected thoughtfully compiles photographs conveying the essence of connectivity. The Swiss interior design company’s book echoes the game when, as a child, we learned to be visual detectives by looking for hidden objects in puzzling images.

Here, the hidden object can be a colour, a shape, or a motif. Patterns travel effortlessly through the twentieth century like a time machine, yet instead of limiting itself to a linear approach, Everything is Connected shows the evolution of a piece of furniture such as the iconic Eames Lounge Chair through situational sequences.

Ads, snapshots, portraits, and sketches demonstrate the prevalence of such objects with elegance, subtle wit, and sometimes blatant humour. This book was conceived as a window into the world of Vitra, allowing viewers to catch a glimpse of the infinity of connections between the featured objects.

Design: Florian Bohm, Annahita Kamali, Anna Kerner AKFB
Introduction: Eckhart Nickel
Image Research: Annahita Kamali
Production, Lithography: Florian Bohm, Saskia Groneberg, Annahita Kamali AKFB
Printing: Karl Grammlich GmbH, Pliezhausen

H25 x W19 x Thick 3cm, 304 pages with fabric woven cover
All Rights Reserved @Vitra AG