by Gan
Order Lead Time: 15 - 18 weeks

Ply is all about mesmerizing patterns, organic shapes and enveloping textures. It oozes MUT Design’s purest essence. Just like plywood, this set of handtufted rugs is built by juxtaposing in the most exquisite way layers of tightly woven loops. Ply is as simple as it is luxurious thanks to its temperate but contemporary colour palette. When light falls upon it, the pattern comes alive with fetching optical effects and a strong feeling of movement. Whimsical and edgy, Ply will make you fall through the rabbit hole and straight into Wonderland.

Design by Mut Design

Fibre: 100% new wool
Back: Cotton

Manufacturing technique:
hand tufted

GAN Ply Rug
GAN Ply Rug
GAN Ply Rug
GAN Ply Rug

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