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Pomme is the result of designer Lars Beller Fjetlands passionate pursuit of a more conscious approach to design.  The apple-shaped cork and leather object is created solely out of waste materials from the production of the Hem collection.

In nature, there is no such thing as «waste», each creation has its place in the continuous cycle of life, inevitably re-entering the earth to nurture new life. This perfect system serves as inspiration for POMME: a product conceived from the fruitful exploration of Lars Beller Fjetlands core philosophies.

Both decorative and functional, Pomme’s soft cork core makes for a perfect pin holder, an eco-friendly toy, and an exquisite paperweight.

Pomme is a perfect example of a more versatile, conscious and sustainable approach to the use of mother earth’s resources.

Agglomerated cork

Dia.13 x H10 cm

Brand: HEM