Ruff Pouf

Pre-Order Lead Time: 16 - 18 weeks
Designed by Romero & Vallejo

Romero & Vallejo 工作室設計的 Ruff 圆凳由多重結構包裹而成,就像伊莉沙白時期興起的雙色環

Made in India. Inspired by the ornate collars from Elizabethan times, the Ruff Pouf combines function without sacrificing design aesthetic. Mixing geometry and folding techniques, the unique pleated skirt of this pouf surrounds a solid circular drum filled with polystyrene to give it structure. Handmade from 100% wool felt, the Ruff Pouf's interesting combination of structure and abstraction makes a bold statement in any space.

Handmade from 100% new wool (felt)
Filling: expanded polystyrene and foam rubber
Manufacturing technique: felt sewn

High: Dia. 70 x H40cm (6kg)
Low: Dia. 100 x H30cm (10.5kg)

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