Wabisabi Uguisu - Rectangular Plate | Markdown

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The beauty of imperfection consists of warm and cool natural rustic glaze in various shapes, handcrafted by one of our local most established kilns
Showa Pottery. They have been producing for mostly local businesses and restaurants in Japan since 1927.

Traditional Japanese aesthetics, WABI-SABI collection takes inspiration from the beauty of imperfection, impermanent and incomplete. The collection comes with asymmetry, roughness, simplicity, and intimacy, which is made in a range of natural colours with different shapes and functions.

Handcrafted in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. With a nod to contemporary and Scandinavian influence, form and function manifest in the purest expression at the hands of a master artisan. Each piece has been handcrafted with painstaking attention to detail and profound respect for techniques and traditions passed down. Timeless natural details are made to compliment as a great canvas for beautiful ingredients and cooking. It is our common interest of wanting to create something beautiful, unique and aesthetically pleasing that makes our story a little special.

◍ 可用洗碗機 Dishwasher safe
× 微波爐/焗爐/直火禁止 No microwave/ oven/ firing

L18 x W9.8 x H2cm