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Mediums is a unified collection of everyday ceramic tableware designed for daily use. Made in industry standard materials of bone china, porcelain and stoneware and focusing on the details – the thickness of edge, shape of handle, depth of lip – all combined to create pleasure for the user. Mediums is a collection of refined ceramics for those who appreciate practicality and simplicity on their table.



Side plate: Dia. 18.5  cm
Lunch plate: Dia. 23.5 cm
Main plate: Dia. 28.5 cm
All purpose bowl: Dia. 17 x H7.5 cm
Dessert bowl: Dia. 14 x H6.5 cm
Mixing & seving bowl: Dia. 24 x H12.5 cm
Mug: Dia. 8 x H9 cm

Brand: Hay