Wire Pot

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Designed by Norm Architects

設計工作室 Norm Architects 受日式庭園風格啟發而設計出 Menu 的 Wire Planter 系列;系列中 Wire Pot 及 Wire Base 的幾何線條和柔和曲線相互配合,和諧地襯托於室內及戶外空間的盆栽。

The combination of the Wire Pot and Base creates a beautiful resting place for your plants, while also offering stands of varying heights to bring visual interest and decoration to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Designed by the team at Norm Architects, the Wire Pot and Base were inspired by a Japanese style garden. The pieces can be bought separately but are best used together. The geometric lines of the Base and the gentle curve of the Pot work in harmony to lend a strong aesthetic to any house or garden greenery.

Powder-coated steel

Dia. 23 x H17 cm