Zoe Sool

Pre-Order Lead Time: 16 - 18 weeks
Designed by Daria Zinovatnaya, 2021

Supremacy of colour and shape
ZOE is the result of the first collaboration between Daria Zinovatnaya and GAN. The series expresses, in the purest way, the importance of shape and colour for the Ukrainian designer. Her creations flow on a blank canvas in which textures, geometry and colour planes are combined. SOOL, one of the two rugs that make up the collection, is made using the kilim technique, an ancient method that produces flat and light rugs thanks to the weft of wool fibers that cover the thread warp.

Fibre composition: 100% new wool
Manufacturing technique: Kilim
Total approx. weight: 1,3 Kg/m²
Total approx. height: 6 mm
The use of anti slipping pads is recommended
"Custom Size and Water/Stain Resistant upon request

176 x 240cm (6.8kg)
220 x 300cm (15.2kg)

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